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What is your name?

What is your current/previous occupation?
Previously a TV director /producer

Tell us about yourself in a few words
I am a mother of four children, all nearly grown, wife of a lovely professor, and former TV and film producer/director. Second generation immigrant – feel I belong nowhere…and everywhere! Very interested in music and movement – I play classical guitar, and do lots of dance and yoga. Keeping the physical body healthy keeps my mind aligned and clear. Getting more anti-social with age – and obsessed with argentine tango, which weirdly fits this – it suits exiles and misfits.

How long have you/your family been a member at GGS?
My parents joined in 1975 – Lucy and Gabriel white zl”. I joined in 1996, my husband Julian in 1992.

Why did you join GGS?
My parents were members

What does GGS mean to you? What makes our community unique?
Nice people, great rabbis present and past, not too fancy, good davening, very caring community and a friendly kiddush. My mother Lucy White z”l did the shul garden in the 1980’s. My father Gabriel White z”l was a gabbai and financial warden. My brother Andrew was a regular here too

How do you feel GGS has impacted your life?
I resisted for years, resisted all shuls actually , but came back to communal life through South Hampstead Synagogue in the early 90’s. GGS gave birth to my family life – I met my husband there , shtetl-style – Dayan Ivan and Rachel Binstock conspired with my mum to introduce me to Professor Franks and hey presto! We were married in Jerusalem in 1996 – our children grew up happily and naturally at GGS – four bar/bat mitzvahs under its roof – they are now a bit awol, but maybe they’ll return to the fold one day, like I did.

What is your favourite film?
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

What is your favourite book?
Haven’t read many, hard to say

What is your favourite meal?
Scrambled eggs

What is your favourite chag?
Pesach – but also partial to kol nidre night

What is your favourite holiday destination?
Deia, Majorca

What have you found hardest about the Covid-19 lockdown?
Fear and suffering everywhere – friends losing everything , their livelihoods and security –┬ápersonally for me, not being able to dance, play music or see friends

What are you most looking forward to doing as the world begins to open up?
Dancing Argentinian tango and going to Israel

Can you share one piece of advice from your life so far?
Love always wins, keep your heart open

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