Youth Officers

Mia Maierovits

Hi everyone, my name is Mia Maierovits and I am excited to be your new youth director along with my husband Ariel, who I met building a sukkah on our university campus!

I went to North London Collegiate School and spent a year in Israel learning in Lindenbaum Seminary. Currently I am reading medicine at Bart’s and the London.

In my free time I enjoy painting portraits, reading 19th century classics (that I refused to read in school!) and cooking- much to Ariel’s delight! Currently I have a passion for building ikea furniture and reorganising book shelves as Ariel and I are moving into our new apartment in Hendon!

I absolutely loved my time as president of Queen Mary JSoc and head of Hendon Bnei Akiva where I came to deeply value the power of instilling a love of Hashem, the Torah and Mitzvot in our youth. I hope to impart the lessons I have learnt which make me a proud and well-versed Jew engaged in the modern world. I love turning every religious experience into something meaningful and of course, a lot of fun!

As the new youth directors we plan to build upon the strong values of the Dunstan Road community, fostering the youth’s strong religious foundation with a vibrant shabbat morning atmosphere and exciting mid-week activities. We can’t wait to meet all of you and start the year.

Ariel Maierovits

Hi all,

My name is Ariel Maierovits, and together with my lovely wife Mia, I’m so excited to be your new youth leader this year.

I went to Hasmonean High School and then spent three amazing years in Israel studying in Yeshivat Chevron. I’m currently in my final year of Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary University.

In my spare time I enjoy reading anything I can get get my hands on, but most consistently early Zionist literature. My hobbies include playing the piano (I even played a little for Mia at our wedding) and tennis and football.

Fond memories of my own Shul’s Chanukah parties and Matzah baking, and my work as a Madrich in several youth organisations, have fostered a passion for informal Jewish education in a creative and exciting way. I believe in employing fun games and activities as a tool to discuss the Parasha, Jewish History and Jewish Values in an interactive way that the youth will enjoy.

I’m looking forward to joining such a wonderful community, meeting all of you, and having the best year!