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What is your name?

What is your current/previous occupation?
Now retired, had a succession of lovely jobs within and beyond the Jewish community, most enjoyed running a training course called Atid for future lay leaders for 3 years.

Tell us about yourself in a few words
Wow. I am a 77 year old (by the time you print this I will probably be 78) lady, married happily to Aldo until he died 8 years ago, the mother of 4 lovely children and 5 even lovelier grandchildren. I am basically a very happy positive person and thrive within a group of close friends from many parts of my life to date.

How long have you/your family been a member at GGS?
Aldo and I joined abut 34 years ago.

Why did you join GGS?
We moved to Golders Green and although we were members of a Sephardi shul beyond the area, we felt this was the time to commit ourselves to becoming part of a local community. And for me it was back to the traditions I grew up in Edgware United I still maintain links and am a country member of Holland Park Sephardi shul.

What does GGS mean to you? What makes our community unique?
GGS means a great deal to me. It provides a structure to my weekly life and is a place that I look forward to going. Shabbat and chagim are part of what I am. The community is unique because it is (mainly) warm and friendly and non-judgmental and inclusive and over the last few years has become more inclusive and open to the different needs of people, especially women, and been receptive to changes within halachah.

How do you feel GGS has impacted your life?
In a positive way, providing friendship, spiritual support and enjoyable services and as a bonus lots of friends. I have also enjoyed being on the Board of Management and also being involved over the years in helping to run a range of great events with the committee of Golders Green Events, sadly now ‘resting’.

What is your favourite film?
Cinema Paradiso

What is your favourite book?
Really hard – Gone with the Wind

What is your favourite meal?
Libyan Kuskus and all the trimmings like my mother in law made

What is your favourite chag?
Rosh Hashana, although I love them all. I feel a new beginning and also enjoy the evenings when we combine Sephardi and Ashkenazi traditions at our table which my children and grandchildren all love – especially the fish head!!a a new sense of purpose and enjoy blending the Sephardi and Ashkenazi traditions at my table that my children have learnt and so enjoy.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

What have you found hardest about the Covid-19 lockdown?
Missed being with family and friends and being out of control of my life. Even missed going to shul.

What are you most looking forward to doing as the world begins to open up?
As I currently have a broken ankle and cannot walk for the next 5 weeks, just to be able to do normal things which we take for granted. This is my personal lockdown.

Can you share one piece of advice from your life so far?
I truly try to make the best out of every day and be as positive as I can. I do feel in many ways very blessed.

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