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What is your name?

What is your current/previous occupation?
Eco hotel director

Tell us about yourself in a few words
I’m a mother, wife, business consultant/ designer/ artist/ environmental activist / hospitality director

How long have you/your family been a member at GGS?
7 years

Why did you join GGS?
Loved the relaxed vibe, making friends with people of all different ages and background and great support we had from RHB during our engagement and wedding

What does GGS mean to you? What makes our community unique?
GGS is a community of people who are incredibly giving, thoughtful and open minded

How do you feel GGS has impacted your life?
The Rabbi and community have been there for us as a family and me personally through thick and thin; whether that’s meals/support/advice when a crisis hits, celebrating our simchas, supporting my role as chair – I truly feel that GGS is like having an extended family

What is your favourite film?
Cool Hand Luke

What is your favourite book?

Anna Karenina

What is your favourite meal?
Chinese takeaway – specifically tofu in black bean sauce with crispy noodles and all the trimings

What is your favourite chag?
Yom Kippur at GGS – if you’ve been you’ll know why

What is your favourite holiday destination?
Cornwall – paradise beaches and cider!

What have you found hardest about the Covid-19 lockdown?
Managing the shul / nursery response

What are you most looking forward to doing as the world begins to open up?
Being impulsive again – not having to plan/replan/book/ rebook

Can you share one piece of advice from your life so far?
If you want to make good use of your time, work out what’s most important to you and then give it all you’ve got

Member Stories

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