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What is your name?

What is your current/previous occupation?

Tell us about yourself in a few words
Middle aged dad, big music fan and occasional Torah reader at St Dunstan’s.

How long have you/your family been a member at GGS?
15 years

Why did you join GGS?
I tried Sassovers first but they had a waiting list.

What does GGS mean to you? What makes our community unique?
The way everyone does stuff to help other people, without making a fuss about it.

How do you feel GGS has impacted your life?
It puts shul and shabbat observance in a community context, making it more meaningful.

What is your favourite film?
The Third Man.

What is your favourite book?
Solomon Gursky was here by Mordechai Richler.

What is your favourite meal?
Anything cooked by Natalie.

What is your favourite chag?
The 15th of Av – an interesting and much overlooked festival. Plus, no extra davening.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
Tel Aviv.

What have you found hardest about the Covid-19 lockdown?
The number of lives lost and the effect on business and people’s livelihoods.

What are you most looking forward to doing as the world begins to open up?
Going to a concert. Hopefully several.

Can you share one piece of advice from your life so far?
Avoid filling in questionnaires where possible.

Member Stories

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