Staff Team

Alison Mazin, Nursery Manager

I have been an early years educator for over 30 years. I first started working at Kisharon and then I ran my own playgroup for 15 years. This was followed by being the Manager at Danescroft Nursery for 14 years. When the site was sold I helped set up Little Goldies at Golders Green Synagogue in 2017. With all my experience over the years, Little Goldies is now well established and even with all the trouble of Covid Little Goldies is flourishing with the help of the dedicated staff.

Angela Pelled, Deputy Manager / SENCO

After volunteering in a setting with a child with additional needs, a new direction was introduced to me working with children. I worked as a 1:1 initially but then continued as a key worker. I went on to further my career as qualifying as Senco. Alongside Alison, I helped set-up Little Goldies and am their Senco, Deputy Manager and Key Worker. Working at Little Goldies is a proud moment in my career as it is a successful thriving nursery which has only been going for 4 years.

Liat Mor

I am Israeli and a mother of 2 children. I have worked in the early years for over 20 years. I worked at Gan Sara as a Keyworker. I helped set up Little Goldies when it first started. I enjoy working with the children and teaching them art and dancing. I help the Israeli children settle into the nursery when they first come from Israel. This helps their transition into the nursery setting. I teach the children songs in Hebrew.

Natalie Rubinstein

I am a Mother to a 12 year old who thrived in her early years. As a result it made me change careers 10 years ago for a career working with young children. I have worked at Little Goldies from the start. I am a musician and enjoy building children’s confidence with song, guitar, rhythms, instruments and dancing. I am a phonics tutor for children with English as a second language and enjoy bringing phonics into the setting in a variety of ways.

Kerisha Watson

I am Kerisha Watson I am Caribbean-British. I am a mother to one girl 15 years old. I’ve worked in early years for 10 years then took a break. I enjoy travelling, dancing and staying active. I enjoy working with children because it is rewarding and give the children the best starting memories in their early setting.

Sharon Hart

I am a mother of 4 children, ranging in age from 5 to 24. I have been in early years education for 23 years. I have had positions as a nursery teacher, a Deputy Head of a nursery and an LSA and TA in Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School. My 3 youngest children have been pupils of Alison’s nurseries and when she offered me the opportunity to come and work alongside her at Little Goldies, I was thrilled to become a part of her wonderful team.