Golders Green Eruv Extension

We are pleased to announce that the Eruv extension to the west side of the A41 is now in operation.

The word “Eruv” is an abbreviation of the phrase “Eruvei Chatzeirot”, meaning merging of courtyards for the purpose of carrying items on Shabbat. We are delighted to report that our shul has been able to extend the existing North West London eruv to create a larger area within which it is permissible to carry objects needed for Shabbat such as food and drink, as well as push a buggy or a wheelchair.

The kashrut (religious approval) of the Eruv extension is under the responsibility of the London Beth Din.

The following areas unified with the North West London Eruv include:

  • Pennine Drive and all the roads on the Golders Green Estate
  • The Vale, Greenfield Gardens, Purley Avenue, Sanderstead Avenue, Dersingham Road
  • Somerton Road, Thorverton Road, Caddington Road and Gillingham Road
  • Sandifer Drive, Windmill Drive and Handley Grove
  • Claremont Road from Clitterhouse Farm to Cricklewood Station
  • Dairyman Close
  • Hamlet Square Estate and Woodvale Way
  • Cricklewood Lane from Cricklewood Station to Hendon Way
  • Farm Avenue Harman Drive and Harman Close

The map below marks the boundaries of the extension area with a red line, with the boundary of the North West London eruv shown by a green line.

You can subscribe at to regular Eruv updates, including weekly confirmation by text and email that the Eruv is up and in use.

Golders Green Shul and Rimon School are an easy 10–20 minute walk away from good public transport links for work days.

This wonderful community development offers a lot more housing choice to all sizes of families and budgets who would like to join our shul and honour the Shabbat Queen.

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