Gemach Fund

The Gemach Fund exists to help members of the Dunstan Road community who are in financial need.

The Fund can help in two ways: firstly by making loans which are repayable at an agreed time and pace, and secondly by making one-off gifts or payments of up to £200, which for which there is no financial commitment to repay. Some of the fund is specifically allocated to help single-parent families and older members of the community, but all requests will be considered.

It can be difficult for people to ask for help, but we encourage you to do so either on your own behalf, or sensitively on behalf of someone else. The only prerequisite is that the applicant is a member of our shul.

Enquiries can be directed to the Gemach committee (, or through Rabbi Belovski, and of course will be dealt with in confidence. Requests for financial help are considered by the committee, and decisions are made swiftly but carefully in discussion with the person asking for assistance. To speak to one of the gemach fund trustees, please telephone the shul office who will pass the message on and a trustee will call you back as soon as possible.