US Bereishit Programme – 27th to 30th December

Please click here Bereishit A5 Brochure Dec 2020 (1) (2) for details of the United Synagogue’s online Bereishit Programme which will take place from 27th to 30th December. There will be Keynotes by Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Lord Mann, Eli Beer, Mossad’s Danny Limor, refusenik Yosef Mendelewitz, Rav Dov Ber Cohen, interviews with Lawyer of the Year James Libson, Jo Grose & Nicky Liss on Shuls in 2021, Daniel & Ilana Epstein’s review 2020, Aviva Landau interviews cancer survivor & Israeli celebrity nurse Libbie Goldstein, tracks from Text Track to Relationships to Jewish Horizons to Jewish Practice and young families evening course on Tools for Happiness with Rav Dov Ber Cohen

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