Rabbi Belovski Sabbatical Cover – 1st November 2017 to 20th February 2018

Rabbi Belovski is now in his fifteenth year with our community.  We recognise the importance of investing in the rabbi’s growth and development and of providing him with opportunities to recharge.  To this end, he will be taking a winter Sabbatical to write and reflect on his rabbinic role.  He will away from the community from the start of November 2017 until the last week of February 2018.

As during the rabbi’s 2010-11 sabbatical, every aspect of his work for the community will be covered to ensure that we continue to deliver excellent service in all areas.  During this period, Rabbi Sam Fromson will serve as Acting Rabbi.  All other Shul activities will function as normal.

The following have been put in place: 

    • Halachic questions: Rabbi Sam, who will deal with questions when possible and refer when not.
    • Bereavement and other pastoral emergencies: Rabbi Sam will be available to offer advice and support.
    • Funerals: Rabbi Sam will officiate if he is available; if not, the Burial Society will provide an officiant.
    • Shabbat mornings: Rabbi Sam and Rabbi Saul Zneimer will each deliver a number of sermons; HadassahFromson will deliver two after-Shul lectures; there may be other Shabbat morning guest speakers during this period.
    • Shabbat afternoon shiurim: these will be covered by Rabbi Sam, Hadassah, Rabbi Zneimer, Joey Israel, Dr Donald Franklin and Yarona Pinchas.
    • Weekday shiurim: Barry Kleinberg will deliver a four-week series of Monday night lectures starting in November.
  • Weekday and Shabbat afternoon leining: organised by Zvi Lewin.
  • Please find the current speakers schedule embedded here

Contact information:

Full sabbatical cover information can also be found on the shul website http://www.goldersgreenshul.org.uk/

We wish Rabbi Belovski every success during his sabbatical period and look forward to hearing about his achievements on his return.