Our Rabbi

Rabbi Belovski grew up in North-West London and was educated at University College, Oxford, from where he has a degree in Mathematics; at Gateshead Yeshiva, from where he has Semichah; and then at the Gateshead Beis HaTalmud Kollel. He subsequently completed a PhD at the University of London, where he researched the Chassidic School of Sochaczew in the Philosophy department at Birkbeck. Previously rabbi of Loughton and Chigwell Synagogue and then Ilford Federation Synagogue, he has been rabbi of the Golders Green Synagogue since 2003.

In addition to his extensive pastoral practice, Rabbi Belovski gives shiurim on a wide range of topics, including Talmud, Jewish law and ethics, Chassidic thought, in-depth Bible and contemporary issues.

As well as his rabbinical duties, Rabbi Belovski lectures at LSJS, where he is a teaching and research fellow, and at the JLE. His special areas of interest include study of midrash, interpretative methodologies, contemporary halachah, 19th-century Jewish thought and pre-marriage training for engaged couples. He is the principal of Rimon Jewish Primary School, rabbinic mentor for Chaplaincy, a member of the advisory board of LSJS, the rabbi of PaL, the rabbi of Kisharon, the rosh of The Midrasha for women and a tutor at the Montefiore College Semichah Course.

Rabbi Belovski is the author of three books – an online edition of his dissertation, a translation of the Chassidic classic ‘Shem MiShmuel’, and ‘The Shabbat Siddur Companion’, and has written numerous articles for the Jewish Chronicle, Hamodia, Cross-Currents and other publications.

He is married to Vicki, whom he met when they were students at Oxford, where she studied PPE. As well as being the rebbetzin and a busy mother, Vicki is a journalist and is currently the Community News Editor of Hamodia UK.

The Belovskis have seven children: Michali, Tehilloh, Dovid Chaim, Tomor Chemdoh, Rochel Tif’eres, Shmuel Yosef and Moshe Simchah.